About LocalHealthyMeats.com

What are LHM’s all about and why is this site here?

Quite simply, we love to eat any and all kinds of meat – beef, poultry, pork, and seafood.
We have found in our expeiences that eating Local Healthy Meats has many benefits.

Read on to discover:

If you enjoy eating meat like we do – the next time you’re enjoying your steak, chicken, pork, etc. we encourage you to ask yourself: “where did this come from and how was it raised?”

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  1. Great message! My husband and I eat meat, but we eat meat responsibly. Only local, grass-fed, humanely treated animals. Eating meat in this manner has very little negative environmental impact, and yes, meat can actually be healthy!

  2. Thanks for commenting Cristina! Your blog is excellent, and I really like your article on Grass Fed Beef. You covered taste, health and environment. It’s reassuring to hear from like minded individuals who care about these issues!

  3. Christina, agree (on eating meat responsibly) – what I find interesting is that since getting into this subject and contributing to LHM my consumption of meat has probably gone down quite a bit. To me it all starts with having respect for the food we eat and knowing where it comes from (or at least asking!).

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