Grilled Local Healthy Duck Breast from Griggstown Farm in Princeton NJ

Grilled Local Healthy Duck Breast from Griggstown Farm in Princeton NJ

The LHM:

Local Healthy Duck

  • Duck Breast from Griggstown Farm, purchased at Fair Food Philly farmstand in Reading Terminal Market – Philadelphia, PA
  • According to Griggstown: “Like all the other birds raised here at the farm; free range, and all-natural is the standard.”

Preparing the Duck:

Local Healthy Duck Grilled Local Healthy Duck

  • coated the Duck Breast with a light sprinkle of salt, pepper, and herbs de provence (a mixture of dried herbs typically used to flavour grilled foods) and put in fridge for 30 minutes
  • oiled and heated up my CharBroil Infrared grill on med high for about 10 minutes
  • lightly coated the Duck on each side with Chinese Style Black Bean Garlic Sauce
  • placed the Duck Breast on the grill – tried to get a searing effect, about 6 min per side then let it stand for 10 minutes


Sliced Local Healthy Duck

  • extremely flavorful – good crust on outside but very tender within
  • although I’m used to Duck being a bit greasy or gamy, this Duck Breast was actually more “steak-like” in texture and appearance
  • there was a nice layer of fat on this cut, and that added great taste and juiciness

This was just an outstanding experience and I will definitely be buying Griggstown Duck again. I also hope to meet with Griggstown in the future so I can learn more about how these ducks are raised and report back.

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4 Responses to Grilled Local Healthy Duck Breast from Griggstown Farm in Princeton NJ

  1. TallGuyBBQ says:

    Looks awesome and great review as well!

    Is that the new grill that you’ve been threatening to buy?

  2. It sure is, but I’m also eying up a Green Egg or Steel Keg to be it’s partner in crime!

  3. Just wanted to thank BobbyGrilladelphia for having me over for this feast! I told him the Duck reminded me of Christmas. While we working on the review afterwards, we were eyeballing Griggstown website and they have Goose! I’ve never had goose for Christmas but I think this year sounds like a great time to give it a whirl.

    Remember the flank steak at SJU cafe? Well it was way better than that but had a similar texture. And it was so juicy that when I had a piece standing up the juice went everywhere when I bit into it. And the fat was like a grand bonus. The layer was just the right size that you could eat it with the rest of the piece.

    Excellent work on the grilladelphia! Speaking of that, is expiring, I’ll see if I can snag it on a drop!

    btw, the pesto was fantastic!

  4. daveeatsnyc says:

    I’ve never had duck before, but that makes me want to try it! Might have to try that myself one of these days

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